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See What Our Great Patients Have to Say About Us

I must drive past more than 100 dental practices to get to Riley Dental Associates, and I have no reason to look backwards or sideways on my way there; I look only towards the front door of Riley Dental Associates (for lots of reasons, the quality of their patient care, being # 1). 

Dr. Edwin Riley IV (Ed) is as much an expert, caring dentist, as he is a master craftsman and artisan. Dr. Riley’s dentistry is amazingly precise; he works methodically to ensure a perfect functional and cosmetic result. 

Today, I had a tooth prepared for a crown, and not only did I not feel a thing, I emerged, a few hours after leaving Dr. Riley’s office, with a gentle recovery, and no discomfort. I am certain that it is Dr. Riley’s skill and expertise that produced that result.

Dr. Riley’s staff is kind, caring people, and consummate professionals. 

My teeth feel like they have been exercised and refinished, when Mini cleans them, and I am certain she can clean teeth (and find conditions that need the doctor’s attention) flawlessly, in her sleep. She is as precise, throrough, and methodical, as she is caring. 

Riley Dental Associates is conveniently located, in the shadow of Massachusetts General Hospital, there is on-site parking (a few feet from the entrance to Dr. Riley’s office), and if you’ve had difficulty getting through to your doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, you may very well see them in the Waiting Room of Riley Dental Associates (and get your questons answered (I did!)).


I never really saw this Dr Riley, but his hygenist, Melissa is da bomb, diggety !!!! My teeth are wicked sparklin ‘, 

Seriously, she is a fabulous hygenist and is very personable.

Liz K.

Excellent practice. Dr. Han is very thorough and highly professional. Happy to have found such a great dental practice.

Michelle G.

I’m terrified of going to the dentist, but Dr. Han and Mini the hygienist were wonderful. I’m thankful I found such a wonderful, caring, and gentle practice. After my consult with Dr. Han and my cleaning with Mini, I’m not afraid to go back and actually follow up as directed!

Rachel W.